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Regen Biotech

active substances:

Polylactic acid



pack size:

1 vial


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Main Benefits

Filler Aesthefill is an innovative product containing polylactic acid. It has been developed by South Korean specialists of Rigen Biotech laboratory.


Polylactic acid, called thermoplastic and biodegradable polylactide

Ingredient Information

Structurally, polylactic acid is a ball, which in turn contains L-lactic and D-lactic acid with the same chemical and physical parameters. Gel biodegradation occurs independently: as a result of hydrolysis, polylactide gradually breaks down into lactic acid and glycogen, and then is naturally excreted from the body. Furthermore, Polylactic acid actively stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid by mature skin cells.

Use Instructions

How Do I Apply This Product?

The product is injected directly into the areas of the largest lesions or over the entire face if the skin looks flabby, dehydrated and atonic. The treatment ends with a light massage that evenly fills the inner layers of the dermis with the gel.

When Do I Apply This Product?

Apply the product when patient is experiencing conditions such as lipodystrophy of the face, neck, cleavage and hands, which leads to loss of volume, sagging and sagging skin, loss of elasticity and density; depressive areas on the face – sunken cheeks, temples, the presence of a nasolacrimal groove; deep wrinkles and folds (in the corners of the eyes, around the mouth, nasolabial and pre-maxillary furrows); atrophic and postoperative scars; violation of the shapes and contours of the face (asymmetry, loss of volume).

Frequently Asked Questions

You may order this product on or have one of our friendly customer service associates assist you on the phone. When you shop from Medical Spa RX, you benefit from our convenient ordering process, low wholesale prices, and quick delivery.

AESTHEFILL® 1 vial is recommended for patients who seek a dermal filler with a high bio-compatibility degree and does not cause granulomas or fibrosis.

Order AESTHEFILL® 1 vial to provide clients with options to temporarily restore facial volume and smooth the look of wrinkles.

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