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Aliaxin FL Lips




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pack size:

2-1ml prefilled syringe


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Each package of Aliaxin® FL Lips contains 2 syringes of crosslinked hyaluronic acid of 1 ml, 4 sterile needles (30G x 13mm), 4 adhesive labels, and Label CE.

Main Benefits

Aliaxin FL Lips is a filler to increase the volume of the lips.


Crosslinked hyaluronic acid: 25 mg/g

Phosphate buffer, Water for solutions for injections: 1 g

Ingredient Information

The active substance is crosslinked hyaluronic acid. It allows to restore a slight volume, but also to correct small asymmetries of the face, while keeping a natural appearance. The product is injected directly into the tissue to increase the intracutaneous volume. The special structure of the gel implant guarantees excellent diffusion in the injected area.

Use Instructions

How Do I Apply This Product?

The volumetric gradation printed on the syringe has an indicative value: it is left to the discretion of the doctor to choose the dosage to be used for each individual case. The intervals at which treatment must be repeated depend on various factors, both in terms of the patient’s physiology (skin type, individual metabolism, anatomy, age) and his lifestyle. Another element to be considered relates to the implantation techniques used. The areas to be treated must be identified and evaluated taking into account the criteria relating to the lines and symmetries to be followed. A local anesthetic can be used for lip treatment, in order to ensure the necessary comfort to the patient. The doctor must inform the patient in advance of the modalities of the intervention, its nature, the warnings, precautions and possible individual results, the potential adverse reactions, the expected duration of the implant and the possibility of additional intervention for the maintenance and / or the definition in detail of the result obtained. The intervention area should be cleaned with an antiseptic solution before proceeding with the implant.

How Long Does This Product Last?

To maintain the results obtained, it is advisable to repeat the treatment periodically, every 6-12 months. Length of results vary on a person’s age, gender, lifestyle, and skin type.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Recommended for patients who seek to define the vermillion border of the lips in addition to treating fine lines and restoring firmness in the skin.

Order Aliaxin® FL Lips to provide dermal filler services which bring out finer lines and have high resistance to mechanical stress in the lips.

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