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On Jan 23, 2023  By  marketing_team

Korean Botox vs. American Botox: Which one to choose?

Disclaimer Please remember that botulinum toxin products are for professional use only and are only sold to certified injectors, plastic surgeons, and specialized clinics. Independent unprofessional use of the product may harm your health. No self-treatment allowed. The patients often ask about the difference in effect and quality between Korean botox products and American Botox.

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On Sep 30, 2022  By  Medical Professional

How to Buy Hyaluronidase Online: The Best Way To Get Perfect Results

Shopping online for hyaluronidase is easy when you know where to look. Here, in MedicalSpaRX online shop, you can find everything you need, and you can be sure you’re getting the best quality product for your money. This detailed guide will provide you with all the information you need to buy hyaluronidase safely and securely.

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On Sep 05, 2022  By  medicalspa

Group Buy Orders on MedicalSpaRX: Try Now!

Meet Our Group Buy Savings Program! Get more for your money with our group buy program! We offer discounts on the retail price for high-volume orders.

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On Aug 30, 2022  By  medicalspa

Azzalure: How to buy online (licensed professionals only)

The aesthetics industry uses different medical products to make people younger and more beautiful. Some of these medicines are prescription only products like Azzalure local muscle relaxant. Healthcare practitioners who know this solution for injections and used it before should understand that such products aren’t sold online to anyone who wants to make a purchase.

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On Aug 23, 2022  By  medicalspa

Can People Without Medical License Buy Kybella?

Many people can’t cope with fat beneath the chin, so they turn to professionals for help. One of the most commonly prescribed medicines to treat this problem is Kybella. This nonsurgical injection medication is used to kill fat cells, but it is important to remember that only a doctor can prescribe it.

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On Aug 23, 2022  By  medicalspa

Can You Buy Hyalase Online?

Are you a doctor making beauty injections, and you need Hyalase to enhance their permeation? The main question that interests medical professionals who use this drug to treat patients is where to get it when they run out of it. Naturally, being a prescription medicine only, it is not sold online to anyone.