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The origin of this product is Europe


Aqtis Medical

active substances:

Polycaprolactone microspheres


2-1ml prefilled syringes


Package insert, 4-27G 3/4


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Ellanse™ M


Your medical spa will receive two 1ml syringes and four 27G x ¾” needles when you purchase this cosmetic filler from Medical Spa RX. Your package will also consist of a product leaflet that has important information about use instructions, ingredients, and side effects.

Main Benefits

Your patients will enjoy the long-lasting benefits of Ellanse M treatments because they reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles for up to two years. As a customizable treatment, this dermal filler is specifically designed to modify its anti-aging abilities to fit the individual requirements of each of your patients. This means that your patients can decide when they want to return for additional treatments. Often, this means patients only have to return to your medical spa after two years before a touch up is required. Besides its ability to fight the onset of wrinkles for long periods of time, this trusted aesthetic filler works to add volume to facial features that need extra attention, which is typically those that are not as defined as they once were when your patients were younger.


Polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres, a gel carrier (phosphate buffered saline), glycerin, and carboxymethylcellulose make up this cosmetic filler.

Ingredients Information

Ellanse M is filled with long-lasting ingredients that licensed practitioners turn to for sutures and implants. In the case of a dermal filler treatment, the PCL microspheres in Ellanse M adds volume into deep creases while simultaneously generating the body’s natural ability to create collagen, which is a process called neocollagenesis. This latter process is what gives this cosmetic filler its ability to ensure a wrinkle-free appearance for much longer than other fillers.

Use Instructions

How do I use or apply Ellanse M?

Before use, store this product in an environment with a temperature between 15°C-25°C. Then, when you are ready to administer this injectable, inject the wrinkle-filling solution into the area of correction using one of the sterile, 27G needles provided. After you remove the needle, softly massage the area of correction for even distribution and optimal results.

When should I use Ellanse M?

You should recommend Ellanse M treatments to patients that are searching for a brand name dermal filler that leaves the skin looking and feeling flawless for years. More specifically, administer this cosmetic injectable to patients that want to add facial fullness, elasticity, shape, and wish to remove the texture of wrinkly skin.

What areas can I treat with Ellanse M?

This filler can be used on the face, including the cheeks, jaw line, marionette lines, temples, and nasolabial folds, to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and increase volume. Inject into the nose and chin for facial reshaping and into the jaw line for molar augmentation.

How long does Ellanse M last?

This dermal filler is known for its longevity because it generally requires additional treatments after two years of the initial injection.

How long does the treatment take?

Like other skin filler treatments, injecting this cosmetic filler can take up to 30 minutes to complete. The length of the treatment is dependent on your patient’s requirements, lifestyle, and area of transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Spa RX is an online supplier of medical and cosmetic injectables, including ELLANSE M, at the lowest prices guaranteed. To order and safely receive this dermal filler at your medical spa, simply visit medicalsparx.com to view our extensive selection of brand name treatments. From cosmetic fillers to creams and serums, each one of our treatments can be purchased by phone, fax, email, or directly online. Once your account is verified and your medical license has been provided, you or authorized personnel on your behalf can browse through our assortment of high quality dermal fillers to purchase products than can give your patients the results they have been searching for. Plus, when you refer Medical Spa RX to a colleague and they spend $2000 or more, you will instantly receive a $800 credit to put towards your next purchase. Contact us today for more details to learn how you can save when you shop with Medical Spa RX.

Licensed practitioners turn to Ellanse M time and time again for its incredibly long-lasting results that their patients rely on. If you are a small clinic that’s worried about low-volume orders not being eligible for high-volume discounts, Medical Spa RX is here to fix that. Our goal is to leave every customer feeling satisfied with their order, which is why we offer a unique Group Buy Savings Program that allows you to team up with other medial spa’s and receive discounts on the same purchases. To learn more about our Group Buying benefits, email us at info@medicalsparx.com.

Patients who have wrinkles and shapeless facial features and are looking for a low-maintenance treatment will find this product appealing, as it works to provide a wrinkle-free, redefined appearance for long periods of time without monthly upkeep. This filler reduces the signs of aging in a hassle-free manner!

This aesthetic filler may cause bruising, swelling, and redness around the site of the injection; however, these minor side effects typically only last for about two days. Educate your patients on the full list of side effects, precautions, and contraindications through the provided product leaflet.

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