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The origin of this product is Europe



active substances:

Sodium bicarbonate, sodium dextran sulfate, phenoxyethanol, sodium methylparaben, water


1-100ml spray dispenser bottle


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Filorga Post Peel comes in a spray dispenser bottle containing 100ml of the solution.

Main Benefits

The product is used subsequent to a chemical peel treatment. It is a slightly basic solution which aids in neutralizing the acids contained in the chemical peel. In this manner, it obstructs their action so that the there is over irritation in the skin. In addition to this, Filorga Post Peel aids in soothing the skin from the irritation due to the peel treatment.


The main ingredient of Filorga Post Peel is sodium bicarbonate.

Ingredients Information

Sodium bicarbonate, contained in the product, has a slightly basic pH which offsets the acidic effects of the chemical peels. Hence, provides the skin a more neutral pH and stops the action of the acids.

Use Instructions

How do I use or apply this product?
First apply the chemical peel and leave the solution on the skin for nearly three minutes. The next step is to neutralize the skin with Filorga Post Peel. Using a compress or cotton pad apply the post peel and then rinse using a wet compress or cotton pad.
When should I use this product?
This product should used when a chemical peel is used. It is used to stop the action of the peel.
What areas can I treat with this product?
It is meant for application on the skin of face and neck for where chemical peel treatment has been done.
How long does the treatment take?
The post peel solution must be applied following the action of a particular chemical peel. The post peel should be applied when you want to obstruct the action of the chemical peel and should be then rinsed off.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The ideal candidate can be someone undergoing the chemical peel treatment and wanting to ensure that the chemical treatment does not adversely affect the skin. Most adults with an overall good health and willingness to have an even and flawless skin can undergo the treatment.

The possible side effect of Filorga Post Peel is skin irritation. For detailed information related to the side effects of the product, refer to the product leaflet.

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