Intraline Triple TR2650 - 26G50mm/70mm

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The origin of this product is South Korea


MECOBI Co., Ltd.

active substances:

20 threads


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Intraline PDO Threads Triple are used in a minimally invasive procedure. It helps achieve tauter and lifted skin. These threads are made of three PDO (polydioxanone) filaments. They are twisted together for increased tensile and heightened holding power. It does not have a bulky silhouette of cogs or barbs. Compared to Mono, Double, and Spiral threads, Triple threads provides more lift and holding power. The threads are of a high quality which gives excellent dermal traction and effective long-lasting results. It has the correct thread temperature storage which ensures no snapping. The manufacturer of this product is Mecobi.
Medical-grade material: The polydioxanone used for this product has regulatory approval, which assures safety.
Specifically designed stoppers and needles: The design of the stoppers and needles allows for accurate insertion, which gives thread stability.
Intraline PDO Threads Triple Contents
One pack of 20 threads (TR2650)
Package insert


  • Polydioxanone suture: This product is made of medical-grade polydioxanone. It is obtained through the polymerization of p-dioxanone. Polydioxanone is a common material in medical devices as it is resorbable and also biocompatible.
  • Silicone-coated needle: The size is 26G, 50mm for the TR2650 model.
  • Intraline PDO Threads Triple Side Effects
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain

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