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Anika Therapeutics

active substances:

Sodium hyaluronate

pack size:

1-4ml prefilled syringe


Package insert, 1 traceability label


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Available in prefilled 5ml syringes, Cingal is sterile mixture comprising a hyaluronic Acid-steroidal combination that is prescribed for relieving symptoms of osteoarthritic knee problems. The single-dose, intraarticular injection promotes viscoelasticity and relieves pain, primarily in the knee joints. Packaged in a rectangular cardboard box, a package of Cingal contains cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (88mg) and Triamcinolone Hexacetonide (18mg).

Main Benefits

The main benefits of Cingal injections are short-term or immediate pain relief and long-term improvement in lubrication of the knee-joints and the resulting improvement in knee function. Apart from providing lubrication to the synovial compartment, Cingal also helps improve the synovial joints’ shock absorbing capability. The hyaluronic acid content supplements the natural hyaluronic acid reserves in the knee joints, while its steroid component provides instant and long-lasting pain relief.


A syringe of Cingal contains 88mg of sodium hyaluronate and 18mg of triamcinolone in a sterile composition.

Ingredients Information

Sodium hyaluronate is a viscosupplement and triamcinolone hexacetonide is the steroid component. Combine, these ingredients provide pain relief within 24 hours of the injection being administered to the knee joints.
When injected into the affected knee-joints, sodium hyaluronate replenishes the viscous content in the synovial spaces within the knees. Similarly, triamcinolone hexacetonide steroid provides pain-relief almost immediately (within 24 hours) after being injected into the knee.

Use Instructions

Cingal injections must be administered only by health professionals adequately trained in the techniques of aseptic injection, of viscosupplement agents, to the knee joints. Prior to administering the injection, any joint effusions in the region must be removed. Before injecting Cingal into the knee, the practitioner must see to it that effective penetration of the synovial space takes place during injection. Needles of 18- to 20-gauge size are usually used for injecting material into the knee area. It is an outpatient procedure, so the patient can leave the clinic shortly after the injection is administered. Since it is a single-dose injection, patients do not have to do frequent visits or follow-up appointments.
When should I use this product?
Cingal is effective in pain-treatment for patients suffering from knee function problems and pains due to osteoarthritis. It is typically prescribed in patients who show little to no response to rudimentary analgesic treatments. Even patients who do not respond to nonpharmacologic therapies are suitable candidates for Cingal therapy.
What areas can I treat with this product?
This viscosupplement is extensively used for treating osteoarthritis of knee joints. It can also be used for other body joints like the elbows, ankles, and wrists.
How long does the product last?
Following the administration of a single dosage, the efficacy of the product lasts for an average of six months.
How long does the treatment take?
It usually takes no more than ten to fifteen minutes to complete the procedure. That’s why it can be conducted in the outpatient department and the patient can leave almost immediately after the procedure is completed. The hyaluronic acid in this combination viscosupplement also begins working in the synovial spaces within the knee joints and continues to perform till it is slowly absorbed by the body over a period of six months.

Frequently Asked Questions

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People with osteoarthritis of the knee, reduced knee-joint flexibility, and those suffering acute pains in the knee areas would be interested in receiving Cingal injections.

Side effects are minimal and include localized swelling, stiffness of the joints, soreness, and redness. Please refer to product leaflet for a complete list of side effects, and contraindications. Side effects last for one to two days.

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