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Where to buy Restylane Day Cream online

When it comes to achieving a youthful-looking skin, many patients trust world-renowned brands like Restylane. Restylane’s family of products are known by dermatologists, aestheticians, and other licensed medical professionals for helping patients resolve their known skin aging issues, such as deep wrinkles and folds, fine lines, and loose skin.

More specifically, Restylane Day Creams have grown in demand for patients who want to keep their skin looking fresh and young. It’s a basic skincare product, which patients can use as part of their daily regimen. 

If you’re planning to buy Restylane Day Cream online, we’ve provided a quick guide to help you.

Before you order Restylane Day Cream online: everything you need to know

Restylane day cream: what is it?

Restylane Day Cream is a powerful moisturizer packed with DMS lipid structure, a type of molecule that’s known for its ability to lock in moisture and keep skin hydrated. The DMS lipid structure has a high biocompatibility with all skin types, helping build up the skin’s natural protective barrier to prevent water loss and protect the skin from environmental damage.

Customers and medical practitioners alike trust Restylane Day Creams for its active ingredient content, which improves the skin’s own detoxifying ability. It is also made with hyaluronic acid, enhancing the moisturizing effect of the product upon application. More importantly, Restylane Day Cream has SPF15, protecting users against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

Why you need Restylane Day Cream

Most spa owners and aestheticians recommend using Restylane Day Cream because it helps to lock in the skin’s moisture and prevents it from feeling dull and dry. Environmental factors–such as pollution, sun exposure, and stress–contribute to the formation of wrinkles and other signs of aging. 

By using Restylane Day Cream, users may gradually improve their skin’s structure, elasticity, and hydration, leaving the skin feeling smoother, plumper, and softer.

How to use Restylane Day Cream

Restylane Day Creams (50ml) are best applied in the morning after thoroughly cleansing the skin. For best results, users are advised to apply additional sun protection cream that has SPF15 or higher.

Are there any side effects to using Restylane Day Cream?

There have been no reported side effects to using Restylane Day Creams. However, it’s best for patients to consult their aestheticians before using the product.

General precautions to patients when using Restylane Day Cream

For optimal results, avoid overusing Restylane Day Cream and apply the product as per prescription. Avoid refrigerating the product, but keep it in a cool, dry place that’s away from direct sunlight. Lastly, drink plenty of water while using the Day Cream, and avoid rubbing or scratching the area where the product is applied.

Why choose Medical Spa RX when buying Restylane Day Cream online

Beauty products as effective and as powerful as Restylane Day Creams should be purchased only from legitimate online platforms like Medical Spa RX. With more than 13 years of experience in the beauty industry, we have been the trusted provider of licensed medical practitioners, doctors, nurses and aestheticians in delivering authentic and high-quality beauty solutions at competitive market prices.

Where to buy Restylane Day Cream online: Medical Spa RX

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Buying Restylane Day Cream online in the USA: What’s the cost?

Whether you’re eyeing to buy Restylane Day Creams online for 50 or 100 units, you are guaranteed to save more. Our customers in the USA and Canada enjoy competitive market prices on all the beauty products we carry–plus free shipping for select brands.

Restylane Day Cream cost per unit wholesale 2022

The price of each Restylane Day Cream depends on the number of packs you order. The best part is, the more you order, the more you save. For more information about the prices of our Restylane products, please click here.

How to buy Restylane Day Cream online through Medical Spa RX

Looking at offering Restylane Day Creams to your loyal customers? Simply visit our Medical Spa RX website, place your order, and check out. It takes only a few days to get the products you ordered.

How providers can order Restylane Day Cream online

Ordering Restylane Day Cream online through the Medical Spa RX website is very simple. SImply follow these step-by-step instructions. If you ever encounter any issues, you may contact our friendly customer support team to assist you.

Step 1: Visit our Medical Spa RX website and look for the item you want to purchase.

Step 2: Determine the quantity you need.

Step 3: Match your desired quantity with your budget. The more products you buy, the more you save.

Step 4: Click Add to Cart.

Step 5: Proceed to Check Out.

Step 6: Fill out the shipping and payment information.

Step 7: Review your shipping and payment information.Step 8: Wait for the email confirmation of your order.

Buying Restylane Day Cream online: Do you need a license?

Generally, Restylane products can only be bought legally by a licensed medical practitioner, whether online or in-store. If online sources sell Restylane without asking for a license or any other documents that prove your licensure, you’re likely buying a counterfeit product.

What are Restylane Day Cream license requirements?

To buy Restylane products, you must carry the necessary licenses and undergo training. The requirements vary from one state to another. Generally, you need to complete an accredited training course and pass the exam in order to buy from Medical Spa RX’s website.

Can nurses buy Restylane Day Cream

Nursing practitioners who have acquired the necessary licenses and training to administer and provide Restylane beauty products to clients may purchase from Medical Spa RX. We only cater to medical practitioners who are legally bound to safely inject and apply beauty products to their patients.

Where to buy Restylane Day Cream supplies

Restylane Day Cream is available at Medical Spa RX, and is one of the most in demand moisturizers to date. We provide high-quality beauty products to all clients, whether they’re in the U.S., Canada, or everywhere in the world. 
When it gets challenging to find a legit online provider, you may go directly to our website at and find your favorite Restylane products from our roster.

How to buy Restylane Day Cream as a distributor

Restylane products and other aesthetic solutions are available to all licensed medical practitioners. While we don’t currently offer wholesale prices to distributors, we offer all our products in the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to licensed providers.

Is it legal to purchase Restylane Day Cream from overseas?

Yes, definitely! At Medical Spa RX, we cater to all customers–whether they’re in the U.S., Canada or abroad. As long as the practitioner carries the necessary licenses to offer the products to their patients, they may directly source from legit manufacturers worldwide through Medical Spa RX.

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Product Review

Nothing beats Restylane Day Cream in helping my patients achieve a more hydrated and youthful-looking skin. So the challenge for me was where to buy it online since I barely have the time to go out and buy from physical stores. Thank goodness that my sister recommended Medical Spa RX to me. It’s a lifesaver.

Medical Spa RX gave me so much more than the products I need for my patients. As a new aesthetician, I was exploring different brands on the website, and finally stumbled upon Restylane Day Creams. I wasn’t aware about it before, but some of my patients are. I ordered a few bottles and soon became convinced that this is a revolutionary product I should always have in my clinic.

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