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About Calecim

Calecim is the world’s only skincare powered by cord-lining stem cells. Calecim’s technology
starts with their parent company, CellResearch Corporation. They are a biotech company that
discovered the presence of stem cells in the umbilical cord lining 16 years ago. Now, Calecim
draws from that knowledge and applies it to skin care in the form of their Celecim Professional
line of products. These products aim to rejuvenate skin through the use of their Rejuvenating
Conditioned Media, which is derived from Cord Lining Stem Cell Technology.

Some of the products in this line include:

● Calecim Professional Multi-action Cream 20g – $79
● Calecim Professional Multi-action Cream 50g – $149
● Calecim Professional Restorative Hydration Cream 20g – $69
● Calecim Professional Restorative Hydration Cream 50g – $129

What do these products treat?

Calecim Professional products use their rejuvenating proteins derived from stem cells to
improve skin condition by providing lift, contouring, hydrating, and healing effects. These
products are for those who need to rejuvenate their skin against dryness, skin irritation, fine
lines, and wrinkles.

How do Calecim Products work?

The primary ingredient in Calecim products is the Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, which are
the proteins derived from stem cells. Based on their research, these proteins have wound
healing properties and can aid in repairing damaged skin cells.

How fast do I see results with Calecim?

VIsible results may vary depending on the client’s skin condition, age, lifestyle, or health status.
But generally, Calecim products work synergistically to restore the skin cellular turnover cycle to
28 days.

Are Calecim Products Safe?

Yes, all Calecim products are safe to use. Treatment does not involve any invasive or injectable
methods and the ingredients are guaranteed to be high quality and made in their ISO-certified
manufacturing plant. The source of the proteins and stem cells are patented and the methods of
gathering and using these components are backed by scientific research, further adding to their
high safety standard.
Contraindications include clients who have allergies to any of the ingredients used in the
products. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers may use the product, but only after approval by
their ob-gyn.

Are there any side effects associated with Calecim Products?

There have been very few cases wherein any negative side effects were reported by clients who
used Calecim products. However, it has been reported that clients with acne-prone skin may
experience breakouts after using one or more Calecim products. If this is the case, or in case of
any other skin irritations that may develop, advise the client to refrain from using their Calecim
products. Refer to the package insert with each Calecim product for more information regarding
possible side effects.

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