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This product is for professional use and is sold only to special aesthetic clinics and plastic surgeons. Unprofessional or independent use of this product could cause harm to your health.

Coolsense – Pain Fighter

To make the skin healthy and radiant, you must stimulate and treat it at all levels:

  • • epidermis,
  • • dermis,
  • • hypodermis.

The skin’s thickness is between 0.4 and 4 mm. The epidermis thickness is 0.1mm, an essential layer for cosmetic and rejuvenating treatments. Only injection cosmetology can reach the correct layer.
Potential patients fear injections and refuse to have procedures done due to fear of pain or invasive cosmetology.

This problem can be solved by:

  • proper anesthesia,
  • • innovative tools and methods,
  • • professionalism and patient care.

Modern cosmetology’s pain relief (analgesia) combines psychoprophylactic and medicinal effects to reduce or eliminate pain during various manipulations.

Two types of anesthesia are available:

  • • injection,
  • • application.

Coolsense pain relief applicator is part of the anesthesia family. It’s cooling action will cause the skin to be numb if you hold the Coolsense applicator on the injection area for a few seconds. The coolant reduces the chance of post-injection hemorrhages.

Coolsense’s origin story is rooted in a social problem: children with diabetes receive insulin or clexane multiple times per day. Children often find it challenging to apply the ointment and explain that the injection is safe, especially for young children. This problem was solved by Coolsense.

The applicator was adopted by commercial structures and is now very popular in aesthetic medicine.
The Coolsense pain-numbing application is in high demand in:

  • • pediatrics,
  • • diabetology,
  • • cosmetology.

Medical SpaRX is an official Coolsense distributor. You can buy Coolsense online from our website.

What is Coolsense’s Operating Principle?

  1. As one of Coolsense’s main ingredients, an antiseptic is poured into the top part.
  2. The lower portion comprises a refrigerant, which can maintain the temperature for as long as 3-4 hours. It doesn’t leak and does not “sweat”. The temperature of the tip is also displayed.
  3. The metal tip acts like a cumulative conductor, causing localized numbness for 2-3 seconds. The depth of freezing for each layer is approximately 4mm.
  4. Coolsense is beautiful, practical, and convenient.

Keep the device in the freezer until you use it. A thermometer is built into the device to control the coolant temperature.

Coolsense Applicator’s Area Of Work

Coolsense is a valuable tool for medical personnel. It’s an effective device to help patients who require injections (especially children, the elderly, and those who are afraid of injections).
Coolsense is great for botulinum treatment and injection contouring. It’s especially useful in SoftFilling or SoftLifting techniques with soft cannulas.
This product can be used to treat patients who have a low pain threshold.


Coolsense Applicator should be kept in the freezer for at least two hours before use. It should be removed from the refrigerator with green light on to indicate that the temperature is reached. If the blue light from the applicator flashes, it is too cold. The device should be warmed up slightly before being used. If the applicator flashes a red light, it is too warm and should be returned to the freezer.

To prepare the Coolsense for use, press gently on the center of the device’s lid and disperse disinfectant liquid onto the freezing surface. After that, remove the cap and ensure that the metal head of the device is covered in alcoholic gel.

After the applicator has been prepared to use, place the metal working surface at the injection site for 2-5 seconds. Replace the cap and put it back in the freezer. Before you can use the applicator again, freeze it for at least 25 minutes until the light turns green.

Coolsense: How long does the pain-numbing effect last?

Coolsense applicator causes local numbness within 2-3 seconds to up to 3-5 seconds.
After using the applicator, the anesthesia time is sufficient to inject the needle without side effects and protect the patient against pain.

Safety issues

Coolsense has been awarded CE and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the Israeli Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) certifications. The product has been used successfully all over the world.
It is safe and effective and eliminates medical and cosmetic injection stress. Coolsense is suitable for patients who want to decrease injection-related pain.
Coolsense clients love the product, and they leave glowing Coolsense reviews.
Don’t remove the metal head from the container. Do not empty the coolant inside. Coolsense should not be stored near the fire because it contains flammable gel.

Coolsense Advantages and Disadvantages

Coolsense Main Benefits

Coolsense’s pain-numbing stick has many advantages:

  • • No side effects;
  • • Hypoallergenic;
  • • This product is safe for the skin.
  • • It doesn’t cause swelling. It reduces the chance of developing hematomas, on the contrary.
  • • Economical (Coolsense prices seem high initially, but they can be bought once and work forever. It doesn’t come with extra costs, the opposite of ointments or sprays containing lidocaine.
  • • It can be used as an antiseptic in addition to analgesia (analgesia + antiseptic 2 in 1).
  • • Coolsense is small and portable.
  • • It does not require time for anesthetizing effect.

Coolsense Side Effects

To get the full benefits, you must purchase it from an authorized supplier. Be wary of imitations. We are authorized representatives of the brand and only sell original products. Coolsense’s original pain-numbing applicator has no side effects.

Potential disadvantages

Coolsense has very few drawbacks.

  • • Not applicable for mesotherapy or anesthesia of large surfaces
  • • Freezing is recommended.

Coolsense Applicator

Construction of the device:

  • • Steel applicator.
  • • Temperature control.
  • • Patented refrigerant keeps the temperature at the right level for as long as 3 hours.
  • • Container for disinfectant (alcohol, chlorhexidine).

The disinfectant is not included in the Coolsense cost, so you will have to buy the refill separately.

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