RADIESSE® 3 ml  distributors
RADIESSE® 3 ml  distributors
RADIESSE® 3 ml  distributors

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The origin of this product is Europe


Merz Pharma

active substance:

calcium hydroxylapatite

pack size:

1-3ml syringe


1 3 ml ampoule


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Radiesse is a soft tissue filler intended to correct aesthetic defects brought on by volume alterations. This dermal filler has a unique composition, incorporating a mineral-based biorevitalizer that endows the product with both volumizing and biostimulating effects, resulting in better aesthetic results that last for a longer period. Radiesse is a product of Merz Aesthetics.
Results last for at least 12 months: The deposition of new collagen initiated by Radiesse when implanted helps to prolong the aesthetic effect of treatment.
Regulatory approval: Radiesse has approval from the United State FDA for treatment of the face and hands.
Non-immunogenic components: Radiesse is made of non-animal derived ingredients, hence no allergy testing is necessary prior to the procedure.
Radiesse Contents
1 3 ml ampoule
Package insert


Calcium hydroxyapatite: The active ingredient in Radiesse, these calcium-based microspheres are produced synthetically and have a particle size range of 25 to 45 microns. As the carrier gel is resorbed, these particles remain in the treated area where they initiate the production of new collagen, extending the results of treatment.
Aqueous gel carrier: The calcium hydroxyapatite particles are suspended in a gel composed of glycerin, water for injection, and sodium carboxymethylcellulose. This gel provides instant volumizing effects and help to distribute the calcium hydroxyapatite particles evenly at the site of implant.

Radiesse Side Effects

Swelling at the site of treatment
Bruising at the site of treatment
Erythema at the implant site
Nodules, lumps or bumps lasting for up to one year (for hand treatment)
Vascular compromise potentially leading to vision aberrations, stroke or permanent scarring”

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