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Things You Need To Know Before Buying Supartz Online

Supartz is a pyrogen-free orthopedic injectable gel designed to treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis in knee joints by replenishing the lost synovial fluid.

It can significantly improve the joint movements of patients suffering from osteoarthritis and thus improve their quality of life. After the product is injected, exposed bones are shielded from further deterioration.

What Are the Main Components of Supartz?

Made of purified, viscoelastic hyaluronan retracted from the chicken combs, Supartz works as a knee joint implant. After the extraction, sodium hyaluronate is purified to remove unwanted proteins, and a physiological buffer solution is added to create a viscoelastic gel.

The simple and effective design of Supartz packaging makes it easy to adjust the dosage to suit each patient’s requirements. One box contains five prefilled syringes with 2.5ml of product each.

Who Are the Good Candidates for Supartz Treatment?

For osteoarthritis patients who fail to find relief with other methods (physical therapy, exercises, diet changes, weight loss, painkillers, supplements, etc.), Supartz is the optimal non-surgical solution that can preserve and improve joint function.

As an orthopedic implant, Supartz delays the need for corrective surgery by protecting the cartilage and tissue. Further friction and damage are prevented, and the pain of joint grinding is reduced. Supartz can be used alongside other osteoarthritis treatments. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, it can also replace all other traditional treatments.

How Does Supartz Work?

As the knee joints frequently become worn out due to their heavy workload (weight bearing, movement, steadiness), the articular cartilage is usually the first component affected. As synovial fluid production declines, osteoarthritis occurs, followed by painful inflammation, swelling, and stiffness.

Supartz contains hyaluronan — the same substance found in synovial fluid. By providing lubrication on unhealthy joints, Supartz is helping patients suffering a range of discomforts caused by osteoarthritis. After the Supartz treatment, joints are lubricated so bones can glide with little to no friction. This enables patients to resume their everyday activities without effort and pain.

Treatment Details

Evaluate the patient’s medical history to determine if they are suitable for Supartz injections and to decide the optimal treatment plan. Consider the extent of the joint damage, used supplements and medications, and existing medical issues.

Start the procedure by disinfecting the injection area and removing any joint effusion. Optionally, you can apply a local anesthetic to make the process more comfortable for the patient. The gel should be injected intra-articularly, directly into the injured joint. You should use one full 2.5 ml syringe per knee. If both knees are affected, use two separate syringes.

Although some patients may start to see effects after just three injections, an entire course of Supartz treatment demands five weekly injections. Be sure that every step of the process is done aseptically to decrease the risk of infections and inflammations. For more detailed instructions, refer to the information pamphlet inside the product packaging.

An entire course of Supartz therapy can reduce osteoarthritis symptoms for up to six months.

Keep in mind that Supartz should only be administered by a trained and licensed professional with experience in treating osteoarthritis via viscosupplementation.

Safety Information

Supartz’s main active ingredient, hyaluronan, is a complex sugar molecule that occurs naturally in the human body, making this product exceedingly biocompatible and lowering the chance of adverse effects. However, administering this product is not advised for individuals who:

  • Have hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid products
  • Have an allergy to avian protein (poultry products, egg products, feathers)
  • Have inflammation or infections in the area of injection

A complete list of precautions can be found inside the information pamphlet. Keep in mind that Supartz’s safety and effectiveness in pregnant, nursing, and pediatric patients have not yet been established.

Side Effects

Before starting the treatment, inform your patients of possible injection-related side effects. Patients may experience the following:

  • Pain and swelling in the injection area
  • Rash and itching in the injection area
  • Redness and warmth in the injection area
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Low blood pressure
  • Fainting
  • Fever

It is necessary that patients rest the treated joints for at least two days after treatment to lessen the intensity of possible reactions. Advise them to refrain from physically demanding activities and sports and have them seek medical assistance if any side effects persist longer.

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